Are you looking for automatic sensor urinal flushers for ceramic urinal with sensor hole?

In this article we will focus on ceramic urinals with a sensor hole. So the sensor kits can be installed right there. Just like below. Usually for easier installation, it will have a cap on the top.

It is one of the most common type in the market. It is with the sensor and sprayer separated. When flushing, water will go through the solenoid valve and then come out from ceramic holes preserved. No matter the cap or the water holes preserved, it increase the ceramic cost due to the complex structure. And it also limit the design of the ceramics.

Rajeyn comes out with a new idea to have the sensor and sprayer integrated. It is also a trend in the future.

It makes the installation easier and makes the ceramics production easier.

See picture below.

There are only mainly three steps:

Step 1: Fix the sensor plate to the sensor hole.

Step 2: Connect the water supply.

Connect water supply, solenoid valve and sensor plate with the hoses provided.

Step 3; Connect the electronic parts.

Connect the sensor plate, solenoid valve and battery case.


How does the sensor works?

When all well connected. The IR sensor will flash several times when power on. Then users can use it normally.

When it detects a person before the sensor over 3s, the sensor will flush for 2s as a pre-flush. And then when the person leaves, it will automatically flush for 4s.

And when the urinal is not use for 24 hour, to avoid bad odor, it will flush once automatically.


When and how to replace batteries?

When it comes to low power status, the sensor will flash fast when you come before the sensor. It means the batteries power is low and need replacement. To replace the batteries, just take the battery case out and replace with new ones. One important thing is that you must make sure you use good quality alkaline batteries and put them is correct direction.


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