Voice and Infrared Dual-control Faucet Sensor

Voice and Infrared Dual-control Faucet Sensor
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Voice and Infrared Dual-control Faucet Sensor
  • Voice control function: Control the faucet to switch on and off the water through voice, and the water will stop automatically after 180 seconds of continuously water flow.
  • Sensor function: Wave sensor to open the water flow, and wave sensor again to stop water stop. and the water will be automatically shut off for 180 seconds.
  • Independent CPU: The dual-control module is controlled by an independent CPU. The sensing distance detection adopts a common serial port to communicate with the control box. The sensor and the control box can be interchanged freely and can be adapted to different control boxes.
  • Low power reminder function: When the battery is low, the dual-control module indicator flashes for 10 seconds to remind you to replace the battery, and no water flows
  • Power supply anti-reverse connection: when reversely connect positive and negative poles, the sensor does not heat up and not damaged, and it can work normally after the power supply is correctly connected
  • Power-off protection: When the battery or mains power is suddenly cut off, the dual-control module will automatically turn off the solenoid valve within 20 seconds
  • IR proximity detection technology, single-chip solution highly integrated, reliable quality
  • Adopt strong anti-interference voice chip and software algorithm, which can be used in mixed environment
  • Super strong anti-electromagnetic interference: can pass the EMC certification, and pass the group pulse experiment of 5KHZ~100KHZ/4KV
  • Super light resistance: The sensor can work reliably in the environment with a light intensity of 10000LUX
  • Anti-temperature drift: Sensing distance change less than 8% in ambient temperature 5~65 ℃
  • Sensing distance is adjustable by the remote control, which is convenient to customize based on your needs

This sensor module is applied to smart basins and kitchen faucets, and can be adapted to K-06, K-07, K-08 control boxes.

Technical Parameters
ITEMS Parameters ITEMS Parameters
Max. Withstand Voltage 8V Sensing distance 11CM±10%
Working Power DC6V/AC220V(50~60Hz) Sense Effective Sensitivity 128mS
Static Consumption ≤100mA Leave Effective Sensitivity 128mS
Standard Mandarin Speaking rate 150-180 words/min Working Temperature 1~60℃
Voice Control 60dB,S/N>15dB Storage Temperature -20~70℃
Environmental Noise 11CM±10% Waterproof IPx5
Sensor Photos
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