Water Temperature Display Sensor Module

Water Temperature Display Sensor Module
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Water Temperature Display Sensor Module
  • The module contains: Water temperature/flow sensor; water temperature or flow display components
  • Detect water flow: when the water is not flowing, sensor is in sleep mode with very low power consumption, and when the water is flowing, start detection of water flow and water temperature.
  • Detect water volume and water temperature: the sensor can detect the water flow and water temperature and convert it into data output
  • Water temperature or flow display data through digital tube
  • Power supply anti-reverse connection: when reversely connect positive and negative poles, the sensor does not heat up and not damaged, and it can work normally after the power supply is correctly connected
  • Extremely low power consumption, suitable for battery powered places
  • Embedded design facilitates product structure design
  • The water flow automatically starts the water temperature, flow detection and display, which is convenient for the upgrade of traditional manual basin faucets
  • Super strong anti-electromagnetic interference: can pass the EMC certification, and pass the group pulse experiment of 5KHZ~100KHZ/4KV
  • POM for main body, 304 S/S for temperature probe shell, which is in line with various environmental protection

The sensor is suitable for smart showers, smart basin faucets, smart kitchen faucets and so on that automatically display the flow and water temperature after turning on the water. It can also be used in places where liquid flow and temperature need to be detected.

Technical Parameters
ITEMS Parameters ITEMS Parameters
The max Voltage 5V Storage Temperature -20~70℃
Working Power DC 3.3V Waterproof IPx7
Static Consumption ≤30uA Water Pressure 0.05MPa~0.6MPa
Operating Temperature 1~60℃ Minimum Startup Flow 3L/Min
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