Automatic Concealed Cistern Sensor Plate

Concealed Cistern Kit
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Automatic Concealed Cistern Sensor Plate
  • Automatic flush: Half flush if the use time is less than 90s , and full flush if the use time is more than 90s
  • Manual button: Default mode is full flush when push the manual button
  • Low battery reminder: When the battery power is low, the sensor light will flash for 10 seconds to remind you to replace the battery, and the sensor will not work
  • Power supply anti-reverse connection: when reversely connect positive and negative poles, the sensor does not heat up and not damaged, and it can work normally after the power supply is correctly connected
  • Battery, mains automatic switching function: battery and mains supply power at the same time, when the mains power is working, the battery power is standby, and the battery power is automatically switched when the mains power failure
  • IR proximity detection technology, single-chip solution highly integrated, reliable quality
  • Low power consumption: Static working current is less than 50UA, suitable for battery-powered places
  • Super strong anti-electromagnetic interference: can pass the EMC certification, and pass the group pulse experiment of 5KHZ~100KHZ/4KV
  • Super light resistance: the sensor module can work reliably in an environment with a light intensity of 10000LUX
  • Anti-temperature drift: Sensing distance change less than 8% in ambient temperature 5~65 ℃
  • Sensing distance can be adjustable by the remote control, which is convenient to customize according to your needs
  • Long-life pneumatic drainage, soft tube connect manual button and flush valve, suitable for concealed cistern
  • Tempered glass plate is scratch resistant and easy to clean
  • IF award-winning industrial design fashionable and generous
  • Reserve wireless remote control flush function, convenient for function expansion
Technical Parameters
ITEMS Parameters ITEMS Parameters
Working Power DC6V&AC100-240V Detecting time 3S
Static Consumption <40uA Flush mode Using time≥90s, full-flush; using time<90s, half-flush
Dynamic consumption ≤800uA Flush Volume 2.5L/4.5 L or 3L/6 L
Sensing distance 70±7cm to the  whiteboard(about 55cm to the human body) Water pressure None (It’s pneumatic)
Adjustable range 50-80cm  to the  whiteboard    
Product BOM
Outline and Installation Dimensions
Packaging Information
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