Rajeyn Strength

Rajeyn Strength

Fujian Rajeyn Intelligent
Kitchen and Bath Co. Ltd

Production Staff: 50
Workshop & Warehouse: 1500M²
Sensor Sanitary Wares: 50,000 Sets/Month

Fuzhou Fuwei
Electronics Co., Ltd.

Production Staff: 60
Workshop & Warehouse: 1000M²
Control Modules: 56,000,000 Pcs /Month

Fuzhou Rajeyn Electronic
Sci-Tec., Ltd.

Production Staff: 100
Workshop & Warehouse: 1500M²
IR Sensor: 150,000 Sets /Month

R & D Strength

Experienced professional R&D team
8 Electronic engineers
5 Mechanical engineers
5 Process engineers

R & D Equipment

Advanced precise equipment Efficient,
high quality and low cost operation process
100% Equipment maintenance rate

Quality Assurance

12 Professional QC staff  Strict refined quality
control system to ensure product quality
100% Product inspection rate

Infrared Technology

Rajeyn has well solved the interference
in the strong magnetic or strong
light environment.The sensor
distance is stable and accurate
without malfunction. This technology
is used for automatic sanitary wares.

Capacitive Touch Control Technology

It is much more advanced and
durable as products performs quite
well even with water. This technology
is used for intelligent kitchen and
bathroom products touch plates.

Rapid Heating Technology

It is to accurately control temperature.
It just takes 3 seconds to have hot water.
This technology is used for intelligent
kitchen and bathroom items auxiliary heating
or replacing traditional storage water heater.

Water Quality Testing Technology

It is to identify water quality by testing
water TDS and PH. This technology
is used for water purifier products.

Microwave Technology

It is able to penetrate non-metallic
objects with thickness of 3-5cm.
The sensor distance is about 8cm.
This technology is used for touchless
wave-on sensor control system,
such as touchless toilet flush system.

Temperature Detection Technology

It uses waterproof, rust-proof and
fast-response temperature sensor.
This technology is used for intelligent
kitchen and bathroom items
requesting accurate temperature control.

Water Temperature Control Technology

It is to control water temperature
accurately by mixing cold water
and hot water. This technology is
used for constant temperature control of
intelligent shower or intelligent faucets.

Pneumatic Flush Technology

It is to replace traditional push button
flush system or pull-type flush system.


It is related to WIFI, blue-tooth and
RF (2.4G/900M/433M) communication
technology. This technology is used
to realize the interconnection and
remote control of smart kitchen
and bathroom products.

Touch Control Technology

It uses capacitance detection
technology to detect the faucet body
has been touched or not by detecting
capacitance changes between faucet
body and the earth. This technology is
used for touch control faucets.