Urinal Sensor

Round Sensor Plate with Water Dispenser
  • Automatic flushing: pre-flush 2 seconds and after flush 6 seconds. After-flush timing adjustable by remote controller. Adjustable range 3-24 seconds.
  • Low power reminding: When the battery is low, the indicator light flashes for 10 seconds to remind you of replacing with new batteries. The flush valve will not flush.
  • Anti-reverse wire connection: The sensor will not be heat or damaged if the power supply wire positive and negative terminals are reversely connected. The sensor will work normally if wires are correctly connected.
  • Power protection: When the battery or mains power suddenly cut off, the sensor will automatically turn off the solenoid valve within 20 seconds.
  • The sensor plate integrates the sensor and nozzle for a more compact structure and lower cost.
  • Adjust the nozzle Angle (open a new nozzle body), it can be used with different types of ceramic bowl with low development cost.
  • Sensor plate is ABS injection molding. Colorful sensor plates are available.
  • The sensor plate can directly connect to the solenoid valve or connect with water hose.
  • Product includes: sensor plate +water outlet hose + solenoid valve +water regulator + water inlet hose + power supply.
Technical Parameters
ITEMS Parameters ITEMS Parameters
The max Voltage 8V Sensor Distance 65CM±10%
Working Voltage DC6V/AC220V(50~60Hz) Working Life ≥250,000 circles
Static Current ≤25uA Working Temperature 1~60℃
Working Current ≥300mA Storage Temperature -20~70℃
Battery Life Span ≥2Years Working Pressure 0.05~0.6MPa
Water Temperature 1~60℃ Blasting Pressure 3.45MPa ≤300S
Working Mode

User in the sensor range for 3 seconds, the flush valve will go to 2 seconds pre-flush. User leaves sensor range for 3 seconds, the flush valve will go to 6s after-flush.

Inlet/Outlet Size G1/2
Sensor Photos
Complete Set
Specification and Installation
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