Pre-draining Cold Water Sensor Module

Pre-draining Cold Water Sensor Module
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Pre-draining Cold Water Sensor Module
  • The module contains: Water temperature/flow sensor; solenoid valve, wireless communication, water temperature or flow display components
  • Detect water flow: when the water is not flowing, sensor is in sleep mode with very low power consumption, and when the water is flowing, start detection of water flow and water temperature.
  • Detect water volume and water temperature: the sensor can detect the water flow and water temperature and convert it into data output
  • Water temperature or flow display data through digital tube
  • Pre-draining cold water function: Receive wireless control signals, pre-drain cold water in the pipeline, and automatically close the drainage when hot water is detected
  • Power supply anti-reverse connection: when reversely connect positive and negative poles, the sensor does not heat up and not damaged, and it can work normally after the power supply is correctly connected
  • Extremely low power consumption for battery powered places
  • Embedded design facilitates product structure design
  • Unique patented technology for pre-draining cold water
  • The water flow automatically starts the water temperature, flow detection and display, which is convenient for the upgrade of traditional manual basin faucets
  • Super strong anti-electromagnetic interference: can pass the EMC certification, and pass the group pulse experiment of 5KHZ~100KHZ/4KV
  • POM for main body, 304 S/S for temperature probe shell, which is in line with various environmental protection

suitable for smart showers that automatically display flow, water temperature and remote control of pre-drain cold water after opening the water manually

Technical Parameters
ITEMS Parameters ITEMS Parameters
Max. Withstand Voltage 8V Operating Temperature 1~60℃
Working Power DC 6V Storage Temperature -20~70℃
Static Consumption ≤30uA Waterproof IPx7
Working Current ≥300mA Water Pressure 0.05MPa~0.6MPa
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