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Infrared Sensor Module


        Active infrared proximity sensor is widely used because of its low cost, small size and low power consumption. At present, the active infrared proximity sensor products on the market generally have some shortcomings, such as unstable detection range, mis-operation of ray magnetic field interference, and serious drift of detection range with the change of ambient temperature. In 2012, we began to jointly develop active infrared sensor chip with a well-known IC design companies in Taiwan. The main peripheral operational amplifier circuit, analog-to-digital conversion circuit, digital-to-analog conversion circuit, constant-current source circuit is integrated on the sensor chip, which greatly reduces the size of the control board and improves the anti-interference ability. Aiming at the problem that the hardware can not filter out the interference of various kinds of light and low-frequency magnetic field, after many years of testing, practice and research, we have converted the analog signal into digital signal and adopted unique digital filtering and fuzzy algorithm to solve the problem effectively. Our active infrared detection module can work reliably in 10000LUX light environment, pass 4KV/5khz group pulse experiment and pass EMC certification. When the temperature changes from 5℃ to 60℃, the induction distance changes by less than 8%.

  • A variety of sizes and shapes are available for most applications.
  • Low power consumption, with an average static current of less than 30UA (or less than 10UA in some cases). It is suitable for various battery-powered applications.
  • The sensor distance can be adjusted from 5 mm to 1500mm (30cm x 30cm standard whiteboard as reference). Sensor distance can be customized.
  • Various sensor distance adjustment methods: by remote controller, automatically adjust the induction distance by human intervention on power-on, and automatically adjust the induction distance according to the environment.
  • Multiple outputs are available: high/low level output, pulse output, and serial port output.
  • Multiple supply voltages: 3V, 6V, 12V, and 24V are available
  •  Output current reaches 800ma, which can directly drive relays, solenoid valves and motors etc.
  •  Tailor-made infrared induction control modules are available.

    Infrared induction module can be widely used in all kinds of induction sanitary wares, intelligent door lock close-to-wake-up, intelligent anti-myopia desk lamp, intelligent mirror cabinet, intelligent toilet foot sensing and all kinds of induction switches.

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