RAJEYN has developed some round-designed sensor flush for ceramic urinals, with different sizes and features, different materials and structures. These small round touchless urinal flushers are smart. Most of the spare parts can be hidden inside the urinal ceramic. Only the circular sensor is shown on the outside.


How Rajeyn Sensor Flush Works
RAJEYN Sensor flush infrared sensors detect users approaching the urinal, pre-flush for 2 seconds, and flush for 6 seconds again once the user leaves. The rinse duration is adjustable, ensuring only the minimum amount of water required is used. If the urinal has not been used for 24 hours, the RAJEYN Sensor Flush feature automatically performs a hygienic flush to prevent odors and uric acid from building up in the pipes. RAJEYN Sensor flush can be powered by mains or batteries, both options are available as standard. Where batteries are installed, the RAJEYN Sensor flush feature provides a low battery warning indicator. It makes the bathroom hygienic, clean, and healthy.


Sensor Flush Pack normally includes Infrared sensor / Valve /  Battery or Main power options in the same kit. There are two main types:

Sensor without nozzle(RJY-22-B102AD)                                           Sensor with Nozzle(RJY-22-P101AD)



Application respectively:

Main Features:
– No cistern required
– Only flushes urinal bowl after use
– Vandal resistant – valve totally concealed
– Hygiene flush for periods of non-use
– Adjustable flush duration
– Multiple and flexible installation options
– Mains and battery-powered options included