Here are Rajeyn’s latest kitchen faucets, designed with simplicity and environmental consciousness in mind. These innovative faucets offer a seamless blend of modern technology and water-saving features, making them the perfect addition to any contemporary kitchen.

1. Touchless Convenience: Say hello to touchless technology! Rajeyn’s kitchen faucets feature a motion wave sensor placed discreetly at the side of the faucet. With just a wave of your hand, the water flows continuously, allowing you to tackle kitchen tasks with ease, all without touching any handles or knobs.

2. Save Water, Save the Planet: At Rajeyn, conserving water is a top priority. The kitchen faucets come equipped with an intelligent 180-second automatic turn-off feature. If you forget to turn off the faucet, it will shut off automatically after 180 seconds, ensuring water isn’t wasted unnecessarily and contributing to a greener environment.

3. Flexibility at Your Fingertips: Experience ultimate flexibility with Rajeyn’s rotatable gooseneck and pull-down spout. These faucets provide a wide range of motion, making it convenient to access every corner of your sink. Switch between two or three water modes, whether you need a gentle stream for delicate tasks or a powerful spray for tough cleaning jobs.

4. Long-Lasting and Efficient: Rajeyn’s kitchen faucets are powered by two AA alkaline batteries that last up to a year. Enjoy peace of mind with reliable performance and extended battery life, without the hassle of frequent replacements.

5. Seamless Transition to Manual Mode: While touchless is fantastic, Rajeyn understands that manual control is sometimes preferred. Easily switch to manual mode using a traditional handle for complete control over the water flow whenever you like.

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