Are you looking for the right and fashion sensor faucet to place on your kitchen sink? In dual-mold drinkable single handle kitchen faucet with small handle series, you can easily find the right product for your kitchen. You are in the right place. Traditional, contemporary or transitional… no matter what you prefer, you may find the style you want here.

Introduction: Rajey RJY-10-Z110D touchfree sensor kitchen faucet offers classic one-handle convenience. With a smooth curve design and multiple surface treatment options, it can be used in almost any kitchen. We usually provide chrome-plated surface treatment for faucets, but customers can also choose from a variety of finishes-chromium, pitting-resistant stainless steel and even matt-black. And there are different colors to choose from: chrome, brushed nickel, etc. The sleek design makes faucet look more fashionable. Durable brushed steel surface treatment can resist rust and corrosion in daily use. The rugged handle design makes it durable. The high arc design nozzle can be rotated 360 degrees to provide a full range of washing functions for your kitchen sink. It can be used easily and flexibly in daily kitchen work. On the other hand, the new quick connection installation system makes item installation quick and easy.  Faucet sizes can also be specially designed and manufactured according to customer requirements.

Main features are:

● Wave motion sensor with security timing 180s. Wave motion sensor is quite popular in market since it’s easy to operate and touchless for sure. The faucet will automatically stop in 180s if there’s an object ongoing detected by the sensor, which will avoid faucet mal-function.
● Pull-out spray head: Bubble water and shower water. There are two options for water flow, which can be easily switched by the spray-head button.
● Use environmentally friendly material for all waterways. It means the faucet meet certificate requirements such as UPC.
● With a standby knob. The faucet manual handle can control water on/off if the sensor is not working. This function will ensure the faucet will be working even there’s no power or the sensor is defect.

Our sensor kitchen faucet RJY-10-Z110D uses premium materials. The quality of our faucet accessories is also very good. For example, sensor and solenoid valve life circle is up to 500,000 circles. The high-quality SS braided hose with brass nuts can keep the water leak-free.