What to know before you buy a kitchen faucet?

Firstly: Mounting holes If you’re looking to replace just the faucet instead of the entire sink, then you should know the number of mounting holes in your sink. Usually, a kitchen sink has one to four holes for mounting the faucet spout, taps and other accessories, such as soap dispensers. If your sink has three mounting holes and your new faucet requires two or three for its parts, you shouldn’t have any problem installing it. However, if your new faucet needs four mounting holes, you won’t be able to install it since your sink only has three holes. Rajeyn’s touchfree kitchen faucet RJY-10-Z110D only needs one hole and there’s an optional deck plate if you have more than one hole in your kitchen sink.

Secondly: Wall vs. deck You’re likely accustomed to a deck-mounted kitchen faucet since it’s the most popular style and also commonly used. But there is also a wall-mounted option for those who want a less cluttered sink area. Many wall-mounted faucets can swivel and swing to cover a broader area, so they’re convenient for filling a pot of water without placing it directly in the sink. Rajeyn RJY-10-Z110D is deck mounted type and the goose-neck spout can swivel and swing to cover a broader aerea, easy to wash dish, fruits and vegetables.

Thirdly: Handles Two-handle faucets for managing water temperature and flow are standard for bathrooms. It’s usually for non-sense type. However, single-handle faucets are more convenient for kitchens since they’re easier to control and only require one hand. Many newer faucets have a handle and motion sensors that you can use to turn them on and off. Again for Rajeyn sensor kitchen faucet, there’s one handle to control water flow and temperature.

Rajeyn’s RJY-10-Z110D basin information and main features.

Product: Touchless Kitchen Faucet
Model No: RJY-10-Z110D
Technology: Infrared Sensor
Power Supply: DC6V
Body Material: Zinc Alloy+SUS304
Senser Distance: 2-8cm (Reference: Hand)
Inlet/Outlet: Quick connectors

● Wave motion sensor with security timing 180s.
● Pull-out spray head: Bubble water and shower water.
● Use environmentally friendly material for all waterways.
● With a standby knob. The faucet manual handle can control water on/off if the sensor is not working.