The pneumatically operated concealed cistern is the cistern works with sensor flush plates, which are operated by hoses moving air through the buttons and into the valve. Having hoses allows the cistern to be placed further away the toilet pan including in ceilings, side walls or within cupboards. This is what is known as a remote located cistern. Usually the automatic concealed cistern is operated by both sensor and a standby manual push button. Surely, the manually push button is activated by air too. It’s reported that a pneumatic (also know as air operated) button is a more efficient and modern mechanical type flush button. When the manual flush button is pushed, the connecting cable pulls up the flush valve and the water is forced out of the cistern and into the toilet bowl and then the valve drops back down.

Pneumatic systems either use a vacuum or a gas stream but mechanical systems transfer products using machinery, like belts, rollers or motors. Another key difference between them is that in their design pneumatic conveying systems are fully enclosed while mechanical conveying systems are usually open.

The automatic concealed cisterns are becoming more popular every day because it’s more hygiene, space saving and cleaning. The contactless flush sensor kit is compatible with most pneumatic concealed cisterns. It provides a touchless flush, users just leave the sensor range and the cistern will go flush automatically. Another working mode is wave-on sensor with just a wave of a hand. The Sensor works using infrared sensor technology to detect an object in the sensor zone. For wave on sensor, when the user waves their hand in front of the sensor it will initiate the flush. A short wave activates the reduced flush of the cistern (half flush), whilst holding your hand up slightly longer  for example 3 seconds, triggers a full flush.

Rajeyn sensor concealed cistern whole set Includes

1.Sensor Plate

2.Water Tank (RJY-32-SX01 )

3.Iron Rack (RJY-32-TJ01 )

Technical Information

1) Working power: DC 4.5~6.4V

2) Static power consumption ≤100uA

3) Instant power consumption≤800uA

4) Default Sensor distance: 650mm (30*30cm white board)

5) Sensor range: 400-800mm

6) Low voltage ≤4.5±0.1

Water tank flush option: 2.5L / 4.5 L or 3L/6 L, adjustable

Waterproof grade: electrical parts: IP65; whole unit: IP55


1.Sensor plate:  610*410*270mm, 8pcs/carton

2.Water tank and iron rack: 1180*630*165mm, 1set/carton