A touchless faucet is made up of three main parts: an IR sensor, a solenoid valve, and a power supply. This smart setup lets the faucet work without needing any physical touch, which is great for your health.

The IR sensor is the magic behind it all. You simply wave your hand to start the water flow and wave again to stop it. This sensor talks to the solenoid valve, the thing that actually controls the water turning on and off. The power supply, either DC3V/6V or AC100-240V, gives it the energy it needs to function.

These Touchless Sensor Kitchen Faucets are like having a personal assistant in your sink. When the sensor detects your hand, it tells the faucet to let water flow without you touching anything. Not only is it super convenient, but it’s also a game-changer for keeping things clean and saving water.

The RAJEYN sensor is super smart. It means you can wash your hands without touching anything, keeping the faucet free from smudges and dirt. It even saves water, using motion sensors to control the water flow and cut down on waste.

This touchless faucet makes your sink cleaner and much easier to use. No need to touch anything with dirty hands—you can turn the water on even while holding dishes. It’s a great idea if you’re redoing your kitchen or bathroom and want a more hygienic, water-saving setup.

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