How does a sensor toilet flush?
Automatic toilet flushers use active infrared sensor technology, which uses the emission and reception of infrared beams to detect the presence and movement of objects or people within the detection area. When the sensor detects a human body, it can start working. It flushes automatically when people leave.

From automatic urinal flush valves to automatic toilet flush valves, we offer a variety of options for automatic flush valves. There are also different models such as exposed type, concealed type, and wall-mounted, suitable for different installation methods. We use stable infrared sensors to enable automatic flush valves to minimize water waste. Both sensing range and flow rate are adjustable to ensure all settings are environmentally friendly.

Automatic bathroom sensor flush valves come in the form of “touchless fixtures,” which is one of the latest trends. Hands-free sensor faucets, auto flush valves, sensor soap dispensers, and touchless hand dryers all have built-in sensors that detect when a user is approaching and automatically turn on and off. They are becoming increasingly popular in the post-COVID-19 pandemic era.

The automatic sensor flush valves will help you:
More Hygiene and Safe Environment:
Touchless bathrooms provide a hygienic environment by eliminating several common touchpoints. Without knobs and levers, it would be difficult for bacteria or viruses to spread in the bathroom. This is important, especially in the age of a viral pandemic.

Save water and energy
The automatic flush valve only flushes water after you use it, and rinse a setting amount of water.

Easier for the elderly and children
The traditional toilet makes it hard for the elderly to push the button to activate the water flush. Sensor flush valves could help them proceed without touching, making life easier and safely, so as to the children.