You may ask “Are touchless faucets a good idea?” Since you don’t need to touch a handle or knob, you can even turn the water on with a dish in your hand, and more importantly you won’t spread germs or bacteria to the other people in your household. If you’re remodeling your kitchen or bathroom and need a new sink, consider the benefits of hands-free faucets. A hands-free faucet turns on and off with a simple swipe of your hand. When the sensor detects motion, it signals to the valve to turn on and allow water to flow through the spout. Generally, touchless faucets have totally four components that enable them to work. They are the sensor, solenoid valve, power source and spout (faucet body).

People of all ages, including children and the old, can easily use touchless faucets. To operate the flow of water, all you need to do is wave your hand in front of the sensor, and it turns off automatically when you’ve finished. You can just place your cup under the faucet or wave your hand to activate the sensor and get water immediately. Touchless faucets are available in various design options, and since they rarely leak, they tend to be low maintenance. You will find model No. RJY-11-P101AD is perfectly for kids/children since the color and design is cute and attractive for the young. For some other models, you can also control the water’s temperature and strength when you use it, giving you even more control than you would have with a standard faucet.

It’s reported that a touchless faucet can use less water than a traditional one, and it can also prevent the contamination of your food or hands. Imagine, when you wash your hands after using the bathroom or cooking raw food, could you leave bacteria and viruses on the handles? The answer is definitely YES. These germs can make their way back onto your hands or utensils. Also you can transfer grime and food residue from cooking, which can get stuck on your sink’s finish.

Now if your faucets can turn on without the need to touch them with contaminated hands, what will happen? You can prevent the spread of germs and keep your whole family healthy, especially during flu season! At the same time, you don’t need to clean touchless faucets as often as you do standard sinks because they don’t come into contact with as many germs. How convenience it is!

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