Nowadays, zinc alloy is mainly used for the manufacture of faucets. It is die-cast from zinc alloy and then chrome-plated. Most of the faucet handles on the market are zinc alloy. The greatest advantage of the zinc alloy faucet is the price is quite attractive. Even tough traditionally zinc alloy is low-grade material and its lead content is high, yet we can do something to avoid these disadvantages. Rajeyn launched a new built-in valve sensor faucet mixer RJY-11-Z101AD, which takes the advantage of the zinc alloy and at the same time avoid the disadvantages.

On the one hand, there’s a stainless steel water hose connecting inside of the faucet body, which is from water inlet to the water spout aerator. It means the water will NOT go though the faucet body. Even thought the faucet body is made of zinc alloy, yet the water is quite safe for drinking. On the other hand, RJY-11-Z101AD sensor faucet includes quite high standard chrome-finish. The finish will pass 24 hours salt and spay test, no defect area, appearance rating A and the specimen surface appearance did not change.

This is what we called Eco-friendly waterways, which meet international standards. The water will not directly go through faucet body. Instead there’s a water hose connecting to the water spout, which ensures that the faucet meet international standard. It’s safe to have water even though the faucet body is made of zinc alloy.

Product Main Features

  • Patented astigmatism technology, effectively solves mirror/ceramic/stainless steel reflection problem. This technology is completely new. You may notice that when the sensor nearby the spout, the sensor will easily detect the basin stainless steel part and automatically flows. Because the sensor range will be automatically lengthed if detects to shining surface. But with Rajeyn’s astigmatism technology, the sensor range will not be lengthed but shortened to avoid such problem.
  • Professionally designed appearance.
    It’s designed by a professional industrial design company.
    It’s simple, concise but very practical.
  • Easy maintenance with top cover opening. For most of the sensor faucets, there’s control box that fixed under the basin. The userumber will need to take out of the control box underneath for maintenance. However, RJY-11-Z101AD is all-in-one type. Sensor and solenoid valve are fixed inside the faucet body and you need to just take out of the top cover to replace sensor or solenoid valve.
  • Water stops when power is off. It is safe for daily use.
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