We Rajeyn supplys the complete range of no-touch and electronic flush control devices for urinals and WCs / toilets. These  are suitable for a wide range of commercial and healthcare flush control requirements, ideal for clinics and hospital infection control zones, food preparation and processing areas and high traffic washrooms. Today we introduce WC flushvalve kit with integrated automatic sensor and wave-on sensor.

It’s more and more popular for this low voltage Rajeyn mains powered WC flush valve kit, with wave-on sensor. This no-touch WC flush control has been designed for heavy duty use and is suitable for use in all sectors where water saving, hygiene and infection control is paramount. These WC flushing systems include an electronically operated pneumatic drop-valve, which delivers a measured volume of water (3L/6L) into the bowl. The valve is activated by a wave-on sensor activated by the use

This model has a 6V DC low voltage control box, and includes one brass (with chroming) wall-mounted infrared sensor. Sensor and control box features as follows.

* Single sensor dual flush operation: wave once the sensor gose to full flush; hand stays on sensor 3 seconds or more and leaves, the sensor goes to half flush.
* 10 seconds delay time between two flushes to prevent abusement use.
* Manual button: The sensor eye is not only for the sensor but also a manual push button. It activates half or full flush based on different connections.

* Control box size:90mmLx68mmHx35m
* Silicone tube size: 6mmØ (outer diameter) silicone plastic air tube
* Power supply: DC-4×1.5V2A batteries and AC-Mains (AC100V-240V) converted to 6VDC

Would you like to try this WC flushvalve system? Contact Jo at sj.peng@rajeyn.com for more details and prices.