What is a pneumatic flush? Here is the answer. A pneumatic (also know as air operated) flush system is a more efficient and modern mechanical type flush system. When the flush button is pushed, the connecting cable pulls up the flush valve, the water is forced out of the cistern and into the toilet bowl and the valve drops back down. You may find various types of pneumatic flush systems in market but unfortunately most of them are manual operated. Now we Rajeyn launched sensor operated toilet flush valve and more importantly, the sensor have multiple functions.

Pneumatic toilet flush valves are a simple and generally reliable type of flushing mechanism. It’s known that these valves work by squeezing air into one or two “bellows” which expand and in turn lift the flush valve and release the water in the toilet cistern. The push button or flush plate also usually contains one or two bellows. Alternatively the button or flush plate may contain one or two piston mechanisms. When one of the buttons is pressed, this squeezes one of the bellows or pistons inside and provides the necessary air pressure to inflate the bellows inside the flush valve and lift it. Once the button is released the bellows return back to their normal state and the valve drops, sealing the cistern.

Speed is one of the pneumatic system’s biggest advantages. Compressed air has a high flow rate, which enables the quick release of energy and high-speed motion of moving parts such as actuators. Pneumatic actuators can achieve high cycle speeds and increased duty cycling, which deliver greater productivity.

Rajeyn’s dual flush pneumatic toilet system is multi-functional. It’s a sensor with below three functions.

# Full flush: Wave the sensor, water will automatically go full flush.
# Half flush: Hand stays on the sensor eye for over 3 seconds, water will automatically go half flush.
# Manual override: You press the sensor eye, water will automatically go full flush. This manual override will ensure that the toilet system will work normally if the sensor is defect.

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