Smart faucet sensor kits include electronic components and other parts, that are IR sensor, control box(inside built-in solenoid valve and battery case), and AC power adapter, Rajeyn normally supplies sensor kits to faucet factory, or sanitary wares factory, or for repairing a faucet’s sensor when the sensor no longer activates water flow from the faucet. They are not interchangeable between different faucet brands.

Faucet sensor control box
Faucet sensor kits include a sensor with wire and other parts for triggering water flow on a sensor-operated faucet. Tap sensor circuit control board withstands sunlight, and lights to prevent false triggers. The control box allows devices to be mains or battery-powered without adding a large number of internal power components. It consists of a solenoid valve, a battery pack, and a transformer, all in one. They receive signals from the sensor assembly to activate water flow.

Faucet sensor battery pack
Battery packs, also call battery cases, provide power to sensor-operated faucets. Battery modules have a compartment for holding batteries and a connector for attaching to the sensor.

Faucet Sensor Transformer
Transformers, also called power converters, or power adapters, allow flexibility for powering sensor-operated faucets on batteries or electricity. They adapt sensors from AC to DC power or vice versa.

Sensor-operated touchless faucets can help to save water, create convenience for the kitchen, widely used for homes, bathrooms, malls, Hotels, hospitals, restaurants, and so on, make greatly reduce the spreading of germs and bacteria.