What’s wall mounted faucet? Wall-mount faucets, as the name implies, mount to the wall behind a sink, appearing as though they’re floating over the sink. A wall mounted faucet is mounted directly to wall, extending above the sink compared to traditional faucets that are installed on top of the sink or countertop. Usually, these faucets are available in various finishes, styles and handle option and create a clean modern look in your bathroom. What are the benifits of the wall-mounted faucets? The biggest benefit to wall-mount faucets besides being aesthetically cleaner, is that they are actually physically cleaner. Deck-mounted faucets can develop hard water build-up due to water pooling at the base of the fixtures. Wall mounted faucets leave the counter space behind the sink clean and free of water.

Today we will introduce Rajeyn’s 2-in-1 wall mounted sensor basin faucet. This faucet includes everything inside the faucet body, including sensor, pulse solenoid valve and battery pack. No control box. It’s quite convenient for installation definitely.

The same as Rajeyn’s other sensor faucets, this model is made of refined brass, too. The faucet body is made of high quality brass with chroming. The chroming thickness is with high level and pass 24 hours salt and spray test.

This faucet has strong light resistance performance. The sensor performs quite good even the water tap installed on stainless steel wash basins. Besides, the water faucet will work excellently even though strong light illuminates to the sensor.

The sensor function is quite easy.

When you put your hands in the sensor range, water will automatically comes out. While when you remove your hands, the water will automatically stops. The pulse valve will automatically stop water flowing if continously flowing for 60 seconds. This is for security setting.

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