Today we are going to introduce Rajeyn’s new application for automatic sensor mixer, including sensor kit, solenoid valve and power source. Below is the kit application.

#1: Rajeyn RJY-K11 Solenoid Valve

1) Working Principle: The sensor inputs a pulse signal to the solenoid valve to open the valve. When stop pulse signal input, close the valve.

2) Power supply: DC6V / AC110-220V

3) Body material: BSF environmental protection material

4) Built-in one-piece valve body assembly

Solenoid Valve Technical Parameters

Model NO.: RJY-K11

1. Rating voltage: DC6V

2. Working voltage: DC4.5V-6.6V

3. Type: Pulse valve

4. Resistance: 25Ω±0.5Ω(20°C)

5. Pulse width: 20ms

6. Medium temperature: 1-75℃

7. Response time: turn on≤0.15s; turn off≤0.5s

8. Working pressure: 0.05-0.8MPa

#2: Rajeyn RJY-K11 Infrared Sensor Technical Data

1. Power supply: DC 4.3~6.4V

2. Static power: ≤0.15mw (≤25uA)

3. Default sensing range: 280mm. Adjustable sensing range: 180mm-380mm (reference: 29.7cm*29.7cm white board). The sensing range error: ±10% of the rated sensing range. Sensor distance adjustable by remote controller.

4. Max output current: 800mA; Output voltage: 3.9V-6V; Output pulse width: 35ms.

5. Low voltage alarm: Working voltage≤4.4±0.2, sensor indicator flashes to remind replacing batteries.

6. Sensing range stability: Sensing range rangeability is ±5﹪ if working voltage decreases from DC6.4V to DC4.3V; Sensing range rangeability is ±15﹪ if temperature increases from 0℃ to +45℃.

7. Anti-interference performance: 1) There’s no malfunction if more than one systems working together at the same time. 2) There’s no malfunction if there are commonly used electrical appliances nearby. 3) Sensing range rangeability is ±10﹪ with filament lamp slants beyond 1 meter.

8. Shock resistance: hit or beat is not allowed.

9. Direct strong light should be avoided. Important Note: We have dozens of sensor housings for selection.

Infrared Sensor Function

1. Touch sensor: The touch sensor is on the sensor plate. Function: Touch the sensor, water comes out. Touch the sensor again, water stops. Security stop: 1min.

2. Automatic sensor: The automatic sensor is nearby the water spout. Hands in the sensor range, water comes. Hands out of the sensor range, water stops.

#3: Power Source

There are three options for power source. 1. DC6V powered by 4 pieces AA alkaline batteries. 2. AC110-220V powered by main power. 3. Both DC6V and AC220V. The battery is stand-by. If the main power AC110-220V is off, the batteries will automatically switched on. This way makes sure the product will 100% work even though there’s no main power.