Solenoid valve K11

Product Name: Solenoid valve K11

Principle: The sensor inputs a pulse signal to the solenoid valve to open the valve. When stop pulse signal input, close the valve.

Power supply: DC6V

Body material: BSF environmental protection material

Inlet/outlet diameter: G1/2”

Category: Sensor Module


All-in-one smart basin faucet kits, only the battery box is installed under the countertop


  • Touch sensor: Hands touch the icon on the glass surface, water flow; hands touch it again, water stops. The water will automatically stop after 180 seconds of continuously flowing.
  • Auto sensor in spout: Hand in the sensor range, water flow; hand out of sensor range, water stops. The water will automatically stop after 60 seconds of continuously flowing.
  • The water temperature is displayed on the glass panel when the water comes out.
  • Manually adjust the water temperature.

Components: glass panel, sensor kits, integrated solenoid valve, battery box and its bracket, using ceramic cartridge


Touch sensor work reliably even if there is water on the glass surface.

  • Auto sensor in the faucet spout can automatically adjust the sensing distance according to the working environment. The water will not be cut off during the hand-washing, with good hand-wash experience.
  • Add an adapter for AC power supply.
  • Valve waterway is made of BASF environmental protection materials, which meet the water standards of many countries.
  • Built-in one-piece valve body assembly (including solenoid valve, temperature control valve and related waterway), more compact structure.

Solenoid valve K11

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