What are the features for the 2-in-1 faucet soap dispenser?

  1. Integrated automatic sensor faucet and soap dispenser. The left side sensor is for water and the right side is for soap.
  2. Larger washing space and soft water which can reduce the chance of splashingwater on the basin counter-top.
  3. Single hole installation.
  4. Black Tempered grass panel with solid brass faucet body.
  5. The soap dispenser will automatically dispense once to prevent the tubes from being blocked if no use for 48 hours. Soap anti-backflow and anti-block.
  6. Blue LED light display. Flashing light when using may realize human computer interaction perception experience. The product will show blue LED for both water and soap when connecting to power. Blue LED light will flash if the product is dispensing soap.
  7. The laser sensors of the two functions (water and soap) are independent and do not interfere with each other.
  8. Directly maintain and replace the sensor on the counter-top which can avoidthe trouble of disassembling the faucet body.
  9. Multi-function setting on control box. Press the “FR” button on the control box, and the liquid soap will quickly fill up the empty liquid tube. If press “FR” for more than 2 seconds, the soap in the liquid tube will be recycled quickly. Soap volume can be adjusted by pressing “SL” button on the control box.

How to install the faucet soap dispenser?

1.Install the faucet body

(1) Insert the faucet body in the mounting hole of the wash basin.

(2) From under the sink, slide the rubber gasket onto the threaded rod and then fix the faucet body with the nut.

2.Install the control unit

(1) Put the control unit bracket on the wall and mark the location of the mounting holes. Then drill two holes on the wall.

(2) Put the plastics wall plug into the mounting holes and fix the bracket with the M4 25mm screws. Then hang the control unit on the bracket

3.Connect the wires and tubes

As the product function is different, the pipe connection is different. Please refer to the installation diagram.

4.Filling hand soap

(1) Open the soap bottle lid and pour hand soap into the bottle then tighten the lid.

(2) Please use the liquid foaming hand soap. There must be no sediments or suspended particles otherwise the liquid tube will easily be blocked and lead to product failure.

(3) It is forbidden to use viscous soap, otherwise it is easy to lead to clogging of the liquid tube or poor soap dispensing.