Deck-Mounted Sensor Tap with Soap Dispenser

Product: Automatic Faucet with Soap Dispenser

Model No.: RJY-Y5602A

Power Supply: AC110-240V

Body Material: Brass

Sensor Distance: 5-8cm (Hand)

Soap Type: Foam/Liquid

Capacity: 3000ML


● The left side sensor is for water and the right side is for soap.
● Sensor distance automatically set based on working conditions. Soap volume adjusted by “SL” button on the control box.
● Blue LED light display: The product will show blue LED for both water and soap when connecting to power. Blue LED light will flash if the product is dispensing soap.
● Black Tempered grass panel with single hole installation and easy to replace sensor. The sensors will be replaced directly on the counter-top which can avoid the trouble of disassembling the faucet body.
● Soap anti-backflow and anti-block. The soap dispenser will automatically dispense once to prevent the tubes from being blocked if no use for 48 hours.
● Press the “FR” button on the control box, and the liquid soap will quickly fill up the empty liquid tube. If press “FR” for more than 2 seconds, the soap in the liquid tube will be recycled quickly.
● Soap volume can be adjusted by pressing “SL” button on the control box.

More information will be available later soon.

More information will be available later soon.

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