The benefits of automatic toilet flushers are numerous. Not only is the bathroom cleaner and odor-free, but the chance of toilet handle contamination is also greatly reduced. Since it has a built-in infrared sensor, the sensor automatically flushes the water once the person leaves the toilet. Since the function of this sensor flush system is fully automatic, a standard amount of water is used for each flush. This reduces the wastage of water used for each flush. It is also considered a very energy-efficient product as it does not require much effort from the user when using the toilet. In these days of the pandemic, it’s the greatest advantage for all.

Hygiene is important in the bathrooms and public toilets. Rajeyn supplies various types of automatic toilet flush valves, with stylish designs, and modern outlooks, all are easy to install and use, and this touchless technology has made it possible to maintain good hygiene through functional and stylish bathroom products.

Here are some benefits of installing automatic sensor flush:

Prevent the spread of germs and bacteria
Think of everything we touch in the bathroom, commercial bathrooms, or public restrooms that are full of germs and bacteria. But when installing sensor urinals or toilet flush valves, can greatly reduce the spread of germs and bacteria. Given that standard toilet flushers contain a lot of bacteria, upgrading to a sensor model can help prevent the spread of germs and also improve cleanliness.

Easy to use
Another benefit of hands-free devices is the ease of use, especially among young children, the elderly, or people with joint or muscle conditions such as arthritis. Older systems can be difficult to work with, often resulting in incomplete flushing; this more modern auto-flush system eliminates this problem and allows all functions to easily use the facilities. Anyone can use this touchless technology with ease, and this ease of use allows users to get in and out quickly without having to deal with a germ-ridden flushometer.

Water conservation
Despite evidence to the contrary, the main advantage of sensor systems is the reduction of water waste. Sensors on toilets and urinals are sensitive to motion and flush when needed. There is often a time delay before the process is activated again, meaning the user cannot easily re-flush the toilet multiple times. This is to reduce unnecessary water usage.

Easy to Install
If these benefits resonate with you, you’re probably wondering about installing them. Also, due to today’s highly advanced infrared sensor technology, this urinal, and flush valve solutions are very easy to install. Whether you’re replacing an older model or tackling a brand-new construction project, these flushometers are easy to install!