Public bathroom is one of the most close to germs and bacteria. Since COVID-19, people now are paying more attention to hygiene especially in commercial places.

Automatic Flushing Toilets

With traditional toilets, users should activate the flushes by touching the handle or button. So the handles and the buttons becomes one of the places with most bacteria. Automatic toilet flusher is a good solution to solve this problem.

1) Healthier Environment
A touchless toilet flusher provides method of flushing without touching. Without handles and buttons, there is less chance for germ spreading.

2) Convenient
Contact free bathroom toilet and urinal flusher also enhance the use experience. Instead of operate with the buttons or handles, the user can just leave after using, the system will detect and flush automatically after user leaves.

3) Water conservation
The sensors on touchless toilets and urinals will detect and activate flushing when needed. it avoids some users flush too much. And some also have different flushing time based on the usage time to save water.

4) More economic
Auto-flush facilities are designed water saving and energy saving. It avoid water wasting becasuse of users’ mal operation. And the flusher itself only need very less energy to keep working. For 2 AA alkaline batteries, it will normally last over 1 year at public place use.

5) Prolonged Lifespan
In the public bathroom, some users are rude on the fixtures. It shortens the lifespan much and increase the maintenance rates. While hands-free automatic sensor fixtures often last longer as the users have no need to make any operations to them.

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