Rajeyn urinal fittings and flush valves, Offering reliable functionality and hygiene

Frankly speaking, only Rajeyn can supply such an unbeatably broad range of product series that provide both durable and economical urinal control and flushing solutions. On the other hand, the attractive front and operating panels turn public and commercial sanitary facilities into a design showcase. Moreover, the electronic versions of the urinal fittings feature contactless control, offering outstanding support for the key areas of user hygiene and the maintenance of water quality. Again, the electronic urinal fittings also offer an easy path to integration with the Rajeyn water management system.

Strong families and strong solutions for urinals

The truth is from front panels featuring mains or battery operation, the concealed flush valve with integrated stagnation flush or the Rajeyn exposed flush fitting, there is a Rajeyn solution to match each and every requirement.

Exposed solutions for renovations in the existing properties

Satisfying high hygiene standards is much easier than ever before with the Rajeyn exposed solution. Without extensive conversion work, an old manual fitting can be simply and easily replaced with the urinal flush valve, which features infrared-controlled contactless triggering. Setting the required flush volume is easy with a remote controller. As battery-operated devices, no complicated electrical work is needed when modernizing with Rajeyn sensor flush. If a battery needs replacing, the LED flashes to remind you, clearly visible in the sensor window. Important is a battery change or replacement takes no more than two minutes.

As appropriate and popular for its intended use in public and commercial sanitary facilities, the Rajeyn urinal flush valve features a robust brass housing. Moreover, a stagnation flush option is also included, which performs accurately an automatic flush 24 hours after the fitting was last triggered. This greatly ensures the washroom clean and hygiene.

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