Sensor kitchen faucets use infrared motion sensor technology that allows you to start the flow of water without touching the faucet. Instead, just wave your hand in the front of the sensor, the sensor emits infrared beams and receives the reflection beams from the hand. Then it will give the solenoid valve a signal to open and the water will start flowing; When you wave your hand again, the sensor will indicate the solenoid valve to close, then the water flow will stop.
Automatic kitchen faucets also will get clogged or leak just like standard faucets. Follow me to start the troubleshooting.
Water does not flow from the faucet?
Please verify all connections were properly made.
Open the handle fully. The handle must be in an open position for the contactless sensor to operate.
Verify the batteries are charged/good and in the correct +/- polarity.
Make sure the sensor is clean (even water might block its vision). Use a soft cloth to clean the sensor eye.
Wave hand to sense to see if the sensor eye flashes a red light.
Check Water Supply
Sometimes the water supply in the unit can cause the sensor kitchen faucet not to work. Make sure that the main valve is open, and you can use a pressure measuring device to match the local water pressure with the unit requirements. Hopefully, that will give you a better perspective on this issue.
Fix Leaks
A leaky valve is another reason a touch-free kitchen faucet won’t work properly. If you activate the motion sensor and the water from the faucet is not optimal, your main valve may be damaged. Fortunately, replacing these damaged valves can fix any performance issues with the system.
So, if there are no software-related issues with the faucet, just check the water pressure and the condition of the water supply pipes. This will give you a better understanding of the performance of this system.
Check Sensors
Verify if the batteries are running out or not. For all RAJEYN Touchless Kitchen Faucets, a quick red flashing sensor light indicates low batteries.
Replace the batteries, please note that don’t mix old and new batteries or different brand batteries.
If the batteries on your unit are in perfect condition, then a defective motion sensor could be causing these problems to your system. The best way is to call the dealer and explain the situation to him. He will help you find the perfect replacement sensor without you having to deal with any compatibility issues.
Clogged Faucet
Sometimes the problem is as simple as a faucet not letting water flow through the system. So be sure to check the faucet-to-water valve connection, and use an industrial cleaner to remove any debris from the system.
Depending on the current state of your automatic kitchen faucet, you can rely on any of these methods to get the system working again. If you can’t seem to narrow down the problem, be sure to hire an expert. They will help you isolate the problem and take appropriate action to fix the system.