Rajeyn has a series of stainless steel sensor plates for automatic concealed urinal flush valves. These sensor plates are patented for integration of sensor, battery case and DC/AC conversion module. Today we will introduce those sensor plates.

Generally speaking, there are two kinds of sensor plates. One is with manual push button and the other is without manual push button. Usually, the manual push button has blue LED light. When the sensor detect the user, the blue LED light will light up to indicate that the user has been successfully detected. However, if the push button without LED light, the sensor red light will flash for the same function.


These sensor plates are made of SUS304 while the sensor eye is made of glass, which has good performance of anti-scalding and anti-scratch especially in public places. The sensor eye detect angle is down 15 degree. It’s much easier to detect the user, especially if the user is small kit or the disabled. The sensor plate includes a layer of of thin film. This film has fingerprint-proof function. It means that if the user touch the sensor plate, there will be no fingerprint on the plate. The plate will keep clean and nice as always.

After-sales service as such replacing sensor, solenoid valve and batteries takes an important part for automatic sanitary wares. However, there are no such concern for Rajeyn sensor plates because it’s quite convenient to replace all these spare parts. The service guy just need to take out of the sensor plate and they will find the battery pack is attached to the back side of the plate. They can easily take out of the batteries without any additional tool. It’s the same easy way to replace the sensor, too. This design is patented.

When you take out of the sensor plate, you will also find a DC connector on the back side. It’s a connector to connecting AC adapter.

What do you think of our stainless steel sensor plate? Would you like to try samples first? Welcome to contact us!