RAJEYN AUTO FLUSH enables contactless electronic sensor operation of existing Sensor Flush units. Reduce the spread of germs, reduce recurring odors, and increase the convenience of automatic flushing. It combines all the water-saving and superior performance benefits of Sensor Flush with the convenience of touchless operation.

In today’s society, visitors to commercial building restrooms expect to meet sanitation requirements for touch-free restrooms. This is most evident in the availability of toilet and urinal flush sensors.

After COVID-19, touching the toilet to flush is increasingly unpopular among bathroom users, with the trend driven by touchless hygiene technology using electronic systems growing. RAJEYN meets these needs with electronic flush actuators equipped with infrared sensors. An electrical connection to the toilet is required here, but in any case, this is increasingly becoming a standard feature in bathrooms.

These infrared sensors eliminate the need for users to actually press a button to flush. Therefore, it reduces their exposure to potentially unhygienic surfaces. Plus, it keeps your surfaces clean and well-maintained.

The Sensor Auto Flush from RAJEYN is a smart device that automatically flushes water after every use. Because it supports contactless functionality. Sensor Flush creates a hygienic environment. It is also environmentally friendly as it reduces water consumption.

The touchless sensor toilet flush valve is particularly hygienic and easy to clean. They work completely without user contact. When approaching the toilet, the infrared light flashes and is ready for work, and flush water is automatically after each use. This not only keeps your hands clean but your toilet button clean too. No need to get your hands dirty. Toilet sensors are an efficient way to flush waste down the drain without having to put your hands on anything.