Imagine a kitchen where you can turn the water on without touching anything, keeping everything clean and making life simpler. That’s what touchless faucets do. Rajeyn’s latest creation, the RJY-10-Z109D automatic kitchen faucet, is designed to turn water on and off with just a swipe of your hand.

These faucets have four main parts: a sensor, valve, power source, and spout, all packed neatly in the control box. Here’s what makes them special:

Wave Motion Sensor: It turns water on and off with a hand wave. Wave once for water, wave again to stop, with a safety stop after 3 minutes of no motion.
Pull-Out Spray Head: Gives you a choice between bubble water or shower-like flow.
Eco-Friendly: Built with materials that care for the environment.
Manual Handle: If the sensor isn’t working, you can still control the water with this knob.

Here are more cool things about these faucets:

Hot and Cold Water: Adjust the temperature easily.
Energy and Water Saver: It saves power and water without compromising on pressure.
Long-Lasting: The sensor and valve are built to last for over 500,000 uses each.
Affordable: Priced at less than $60, these faucets are a steal.

Rajeyn’s touchless kitchen faucets are not only reliable and full of features, but they’re also affordable. And you get a modern, clean, and easy-to-use kitchen solution.

For more information and help, just contact us freely. We can also provide different sensor solutions according to your need to build up new models.