As the name suggests, wall-mounted sensor faucets can be securely mounted on the wall above your sink or bathtub. It is also known as touchless faucet, sensor faucet, or automatic faucet. It creates an effect that makes the faucet appear to be floating in the air. They are very popular in commercial settings such as schools, hospitals, and hotels, and are becoming increasingly popular in residential projects as well.

In the basin, choosing a wall-mounted sensor faucet can give you more room to operate when washing your hands. Additionally, you’ll find that wall-mounted sensor faucets make it easier to clean basins and tubs because you don’t have to work around any countertop-mounted faucets.

Wall-mounted sensor faucets offer many advantages that regular countertops or floor-standing faucets do not.

It Saves Countertop Space
In a limited space, whether cooking in the kitchen or relaxing in the bathroom, a wall-mounted sensor faucet can give an extra countertop space.

And the sink or basin will be cleaner if you don’t need extra space for soap or containers, making the bathroom look stylish and perfect. The walls also tend to look cleaner because there are fewer fixtures within the sight.

It Makes Cleaning a Breeze
The area around sink faucets is prone to scale buildup, and often this buildup (usually from hard water) leaves dirt and calcium deposits around the pipes.

If left unattended, this buildup can lead to mold and make the faucet more susceptible to rust. Not to mention, they can also ruin the aesthetics of faucet design.

On the other hand, with a wall-mounted faucet, there is less chance of scale buildup and the sink area is easier to clean. Low maintenance and long-lasting.

It Makes a Unique Design Aesthetic
Wall-mounted faucets are not only aerodynamic and more hygienic, but they also have a unique appearance. It can match a wall-mounted sensor soap dispenser together depending on the theme of your space, a style that’s highly functional, its innovative look will match all types of designs and give your space a bold look.