Touchless kitchen faucets can make your kitchen sink cleaner and easier to use. Since you don’t need to touch a handle or knob, you can turn the water on with a dish in your hand, and you won’t spread germs or bacteria to the other people in your household. A touchless kitchen faucet can use less water than a traditional one, and it can prevent the contamination of your food or hands.

For Rajeyn’s new design automatic kitchen faucet RJY-10-Z109D, it turns on and off with a simple swipe of the hand. When the sensor detects motion, it signals to the valve to turn on and allow water to flow through the spout. Touchless faucets have four components that enable them to work — the sensor, solenoid valve (these two components are integrated to the control box like below RJY-K09-1), power source and spout.

What are the features of this kitchen faucet? Generally features are as below:

● Wave motion sensor with security timing 180s (can be tailor-made if needed).
● Pull-out spray head: Bubble water and shower water.
● Use environmentally friendly material for all waterways.
● With a standby knob. The faucet manual handle can control water on/off if the sensor is not working.

In details you will find following:

● It’s wave-on motion sensor. Hands wave once, water flows while hands wave again water stops. Security stop 3min (automatic stop without action).
● Cold & hot water: There is a mixer within the faucet to adjust water temperature.
● Sensor STOPS working as long as manual handle activated.
● Low power indication: This may indicate it is time to replace existing batteries with new ones or there is not enough power.
● 180°rotation; Pull-out water hose with manual button to switch waterfall-flow or shower-rain-flow.
● Water saving: Water efficient faucet reduces overall water usage without sacrificing water pressure.
● Sensor lifespan:500,000 times on and off. Valve lifespan:500,000 times opening.
● Energy saving: Battery shall last approximately 3000 times/month for one year.
● Standby knob: To switch sensor mode and manual mode.

Besides multiple functions mentioned above, Rajeyn’s kitchen faucets are durable for us but competitive in price. The whole sales price is no more than USD60. That would be a great choice for future modern kitchen.

We Rajeyn are always ready for help in selection and installation of the touchless kitchen faucets. For more information about our products and services,  contact us by email or call us at +86-150-6001-7331.