Pneumatic toilet flush valves are a simple and generally reliable type of flushing mechanism. These valves work by squeezing air into one or two silicone tubes which expand and in turn lift the flush valve and release the water in the toilet cistern. The push button or flush plate also usually contains one or two of these silicone tubes. Most of the time, you see mechanical push button for pneumatic toilet flush valves. However, today, we will introduce Rajeyn’s multi-function touchless sensor operated pneumatic flushing system.

First of all, the sensor plate is made of solid brass. The chroming brass plate includes a round sensor eye. You will be surprised to know the sensor eye is also a mechanical push button. This is just stand-by manual button. How this sensor plate works? The single sensor has dual flush operation. You wave once, the flush valve goes for full flush while when your hand stays on the sensor for 3 seconds or more, the flush valve goes for half flush. If you want to activate flush manually, then you just need to press the sensor eye! How easy and convenient to use in daily life! With these multi-functions, this pneumatic toilet flush system is good for kids and disables since they just need to wave the sensor or stay theirs hands there. Moreover, there is 10 seconds delay time between two flushes to prevent abusement use. It also saves water.

Secondly, there’s manual push button. You just press the button (also the sensor eye) and the button squeezes silicone tube inside and provides the necessary air pressure to inflate the flush valve bellows and lift it. Once the button is released the bellows return back to their normal state and the valve drops, sealing the cistern. The manual push can be either half flush or full flush basing on how you connect the silicone tube to the control box.

Thirdly, there’s an independent control box connection the sensor to the water flush valve. The control box is compact small size with 90mmL x68mmH x35mW. The power supply is optional DC-4×1.5V2A batteries and AC-Mains (AC100V-240V) converted to 6VDC. You will also find 6mmØ (outer diameter) silicone plastic air tube as accessaries.

This is the brief introduction of Rajeyn’s automatic pneumatic flushing toilet system. Apart from RJY-32-B201AD, we have automatic concealed cisterns and remote controlled touchless toilet flush system. You can find details in our product introduction and also you can contact Jo at 15060017331 or by email for more details and price information. You will find the most attractive automatic sanitary wares and solutions.