Automatic Faucet also known as a hands-free or touchless faucet, includes a sensor unit that is mounted on the faucet itself. It is activated automatically by this sensor, rather than requiring manual hand operation, with no-touch operation offering unparalleled hygiene and ideal for use in the infection-controlled zone. Automatic faucets are becoming increasingly popular in public and other high-traffic areas as they provide a convenient and hygienic solution for users.

Automatic Sensor Faucet is designed to be easy to use. Users simply need to place their hands under the faucet, and the sensor will detect their presence and turn on the water flow. The water flow will automatically turn off when the user moves their hands away from the sensor.

Main features of automatic faucet:
1. Intelligent touch-free technology, providing a simple, convenient and unique faucet experience.
2. Simple, clean and stylish design – no handles/levers or buttons required to operate. Experience a new way to prepare and clean food that reduces exposure to germs.
3. Exceed Your Expectations – Infrared sensor (hands-free) makes everyday tasks easier.
4. The backup battery can continue to be used when the power is cut off.
5. ADA compliant, suitable for any age (children, elderly, disabled)
6. Single-hole installation reduces the clutter of the counter and is easy to operate.
7. Sturdy brass construction for durability.