How does the Automatic Faucet Operation?
1. The sensor includes a transmitter and receiver. The transmitter emits a continuous, invisible beam of light.
2. Then when you put your hand under the spout within the effective range, the beam reflect and receive by the receiver to activate the faucet. As long as the user’s hand remains, water starts flowing immediately.
3. When the hand is removed, the water flow stops.
4. For the battery-powered version, a flashing red light indicates a low battery condition.

Good Hygiene
RAJEYN Automatic Faucet enables consumers to wash their hands in public restrooms without touching the faucet. As a result, they are confident that the bathroom they are using is a place where there are fewer opportunities for disease transmission, and that they are helping to reduce the spread of infectious diseases.

Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of one of the most direct actions to slow the spread of germs and disease. Handwashing–proper hand hygiene remains the most important action an individual can choose to take to prevent the spread of disease. With sensor technology, the first line of defense comes from not having to touch the handle with unwashed hands.

Sensor faucets with automatic shut-off features can significantly reduce water loss caused by keeping the tap open during hand washing. An auto-shutoff feature provides extra protection against flooding caused by accident, negligence, or vandalism. The automatic water shutoff feature reduces unnecessary water usage overall and reduces repair costs due to water damage.

ADA Accessibility
Touchless faucets are the ultimate expression of ADA accessibility. With sensor-operated water flow, all the users from children to elders and those with accessibility needs can get running water as easily as by activating a motion sensor.

Space- Saving
Since plumbing lines are hidden in the wall, a wall-mounted automatic faucet provides a sleek, minimalist look to a bathroom or kitchen. They also free up countertop space, making them easier to clean and maintain. Additionally, wall-mounted faucets allow for greater flexibility in sink design and can be installed at a preferred height.