Electronic Sensor Taps are automatic faucets that activate the flow of water by hand in the handwashing area, eliminating the need for the user to manually turn the faucet on and off. In sensor faucet operation, removing hands from the handwashing area shuts off the water flow.

Therefore, in the bathroom, users can rest assured knowing they won’t touch a faucet contaminated by a previous user, or actually not have to touch the same lever they use before washing their hands. They help promote better hygiene by reducing the need for users to touch faucet handles, which can be a source of germs and bacteria. The fact that germs don’t spread in this environment is a comfort to them and a positive for any business or institution that uses sensor taps in their bathroom facilities.

Overall, Automatic Basin-Mounted Taps is a great solution for public restrooms and other high-traffic areas where hygiene is a concern. They provide a convenient and hygienic solution for users by eliminating the need to touch the faucet and helping to promote better hygiene in the restroom.


The installation process of an All-in-one Automatic Basin-Mounted Tap is very easy and simple, it’s recommended to refer to the instructions for specific installation guidelines, or you can ask a professional plumber to ensure that the installation is done correctly and that there are no leaks or other issues with the plumbing.