As you know, every Rajeyn product is made in a rigorous manufacturing process with the support from our outstanding designing teams and cutting-edge facilities. Leveraging our collective strengths, Rajeyn aims to deliver the best possible combination of inspiration and dedication to provide stunning faucet and finish. Advanced technology and flawless functionality are the core values for ours. As our business towards international recognition, Rajeyn has positive attitude for all the cooperation and trade opportunities. Make your choice and Rajeyn always has a solution for you.

Rajeyn’s sensor basin taps integrates intelligent design with reliable performance. The brass material of the pressurized faucet parts ensure long life-cycle for the products and safe for consumption. It also comes with a water-saving technology that minimizes water consumption without compromising the experience. And because of its automatic design it will prevent the spread of any infectious diseases as physically operating the tap is nonexistent. Besides brass material sensor faucets, Rajeyn recently launched new models made of stainless steel and zinc alloy. Today we will have a detailed introduction for wall-mounted sensor tap RJY-11-Z102AD, which made of zinc alloy.

Generally speaking, zinc alloy is known as low-grade material compared to brass and stainless steel. However, how Rajeyn team avoids zinc alloy disadvantages and take its advantages? On the one hand, a stainless steel water hose is connected from water inlet directly to the water spout aerator. It means the water will NOT directly go though the zinc alloy faucet body. Even thought the faucet body is made of zinc alloy, yet the water is quite safe for drinking. On the other hand, the chrome-plated of RJY-11-Z102AD sensor faucet is quite high standard. It will pass 24 hours salt and spay test and ISO 10289-1999 Classification of test specimens and parts of metallic and other inorganic coatings subjected to corrosion tests, level 10 (No defect area, appearance rating A, the specimen surface appearance did not change), which ensure the faucets high durability and resistance to corrosion.

Regarding to the control box, it is black color with G1/2” water inlet and outlet. Powered by two pieces AAA alkaline batteries, the control box is compact design and quite small, which will save space and you will not worry to find a suitable place to install the box. Even though the box is operated by two pieces alkaline batteries, however the battery can last over one year based on 3000 circles per month because the sensor and the valve are super-low power consumption.

The most important is, the whole set sensor faucet RJY-11-Z102AD is competitive in market. It will be thrilling to receive the quotation. Inquiries can be sent to Jo at