This newly released touchless sensor faucet is an elegant sensor faucet that offers a vandal-resistant, touchless lavatory solution that promotes better hygiene and energy savings.

All major faucet components are designed for easy installation and maintenance and are located above the deck for easy access. The sensor included in this faucet is polarizing technology, meaning no manual adjustments are required, and the innovative sensor placement eliminates environmental reflectivity issues.

Sensor Faucet Features:
• Patented polarizing technology, effectively solves strong reflection, like the reflection from the mirror basin, 304SUS basin.
• Eco-friendly waterways, meet international standards.
• Save water and energy.
• Open the top cover for easy maintenance of the sensor and valve.
• Easy installation in new or retrofit applications.
• Prices are competitive for today’s commercial market.
• Promotes cleanliness and hygiene.
• Proven workmanship and reliability.
Available in different colors: chrome, white, black, or other colors customized.


How to Use:
When the user’s hand is placed under the spout, the light will flash once and the water will start flowing. When the hand is removed, the flow of water stops. When the battery is low, the red light will flash.

Installation and Maintenance
Installing the faucet is hassle-free start by lowering the faucet through the deck mounting hole and securing it using the fixing nut. Then connect the hose to the water supply and connect the sensor wire to the battery case. Maintenance is made easy by simply removing the screws behind the faucet and removing the cover to access the sensor and solenoid valve for easy replacement.