As the name suggests, wall-mounted faucets are mounted on the wall behind the sink and appear to float above the sink. They are a popular choice for school, hospital, and commercial applications

Wall-mounted automatic faucets are also called wall-mounted sensor faucets, non-contact wall-mounted faucets, and wall-mounted sensor taps. Mainly used in public toilets and family bathrooms mounted on the wall. The sensor faucet integrates the infrared sensor in the water spout, and the solenoid valve is integrated into the faucet body.

A wall-mounted faucet will bring many benefits to your home improvement project. Here are three key benefits that have motivated thousands of DIY renovators, architects, and builders to install wall mounts for their latest wet area upgrades.

Hygienic and easy to clean – the wall-mounted faucet sits flush with the wall, leaving nowhere for dirt to settle. Often, bench-mounted faucets create hard-to-reach spots and recesses, especially in bathrooms. These little holes are often splashed and difficult to work with, often attracting bacteria. The wall-mounted faucet makes cleaning a breeze without worrying about germs.

Free choice of interior look, price, and style – the fact that wall-mounted faucets are separate accessories from the actual basin they are paired with allows for more design options. You can find a faucet that fits your budget and suits your taste.

Great space-saving – By integrating the faucet into the wall, you can free up space in the bathroom. This actually gives you more room to place soap or display items, visually declutter your room, and adds an aspect to the height at which the wall-mounted faucet sits. New condos, townhouses, and homes often offer little space for guest rooms, choosing a wall-mounted faucet is a smart choice, as you can add value through space-saving aesthetics both now and when you sell your property.

Which sensor wall-mounted tapware will be best?
Once you’ve determined that a wall-mounted sensor faucet is the perfect solution for your bathroom upgrade, the next step is to decide which type of faucet to buy.
You can buy round, quarter-turn, and thermostat faucets in different shapes and sizes.
Browse online ( for the range of sensor faucets available, or feel free to contact me directly ( Find your best option and get your project running smoothly.