Rajeyn is an innovative company that integrates health and humanity into product design. With the idea of making our life smarter, we are indicated to challenge traditional ideas by gathering the most advanced products, technology, marketing, and management resources. Our mission is to provide leading intelligent kitchen and bathroom solutions and create safety, healthy and comfortable life for all users. Besides of various automatic sensor products, we are capable of providing tailor-made intelligent kitchen and bathroom solutions. Today we will introduce you Double Sensors Temperature Display Basin Faucet Solution. This solution is usually applied for smart basin faucets with real-time temperature display.

What are the basin functions?

Wave sensor or touch sensor: wave hand to turn on water, wave again to stop water. OR touch the sensor to turn on water, touch the sensor again to stop water. Security timing: 180s.
Automatic sensor: Hands in the sensor range, water comes out. Hands out of sensor range, water stops. Security timing: 60s.

How about general components? The whole set component include wave sensor or touch sensor, auto sensor, all-in-one solenoid valve and power source.

What are the main features for this solution?

●Patented astigmatism technology, effectively solves mirror reflection.
●The valve body is BSF environmental protection material.
●Compact all-in-one built-in valve design(including valve, ceramic cartridge and waterway).
●With a standby knob and faucet manual handle can control water on/off if sensor is not working.
●Highly integrated design sensor modules helps to optimize costs and facilitate product design and production.

Generally designs based on the above solution