Rajeyn Touchless Faucets

Performance you can count on

It’s well known that electronic sensor faucets can save you money on energy costs and require less servicing over time because they are rarely touched by human hands. The hands free automatic sensor faucets are available in both AC Hard-wire and DC Battery powered models. Rajeyn Intelligent delivers a wide range of touchless faucet styles and options for kitchen and bathroom, unmatched durability, and the highest performance available. With the most dependable touchless faucets in the industry, we are the one company you can count on for every room in any building. Today we will introduce a new model RJY-11-Z101AD.

● Professionally designed appearance. Like Rajeyn’s RJY-11-B123 and RJY-11-Z201D, RJY-11-Z101AD is a new model that designed by a professional industrial design company. It’s simple, concise but very practical.
● Easy maintenance with top cover opening. For most of the sensor faucets, there’s control box that fixed under the basin. The user/plumber will need to take out of the control box underneath for maintenance. For example, to replace with new batteries, sensor or the solenoid valve. This is quite annoying as it takes time and not that convenient. However, RJY-11-Z101AD is all-in-one type. Everything (except the battery pack) is inside the faucet body and you need to just take out of the glass cover to replace sensor or solenoid valve. It’s DIY type and you and you can completely counting on yourself!
● Eco-friendly waterways, meet international standards. The water will not directly go through faucet body. Instead there’s a water hose connecting to the water spout, which ensures that the faucet meet international standard. It’s safe to have water even though the faucet body is made of zinc alloy.
● Water stops when power is off.
● Patented astigmatism technology, effectively solves mirror reflection. This technology is completely new. You may notice that when the sensor nearby the spout, the sensor will easily detect the basin stainless steel part and automatically flows. Because the sensor range will be automatically lengthed if detects to shining surface. But with Rajeyn’s astigmatism technology, the sensor range will not be lengthed but shortened to avoid such problem.
● Black, white, and chrome color optional. There are optional three different colors and you can choose the color you prefer.

Rajeyn products are proven performers for commercial, healthcare, public assembly, laboratories, educational, institutional,  kitchens and other facilities. Why not find the right faucets, fittings, and accessories for your specialty by selecting the product of interest? For more information just contact Jo at sj.peng@rajeyn.com.