Touch free infrared WC flushing system is ideal for use in bathroom furniture and behind tiles, partitioning or IPS panelling within domestic or commercial environments. Fits existing and new WC’s with standard exposed cisterns (two-piece toilet) or standard concealed cisterns.

Water Saving

Dual flush functionality can deliver different litre flush volumes. Default Setting: 6L(full flush): 4.8L-6.0L; half flush: 2.0L-3.0L. Flushing volumes (both full and half flush)can be adjusted from the flush valve. This system typically acquires 30% savings on water consumption. It’s quite Economic and reliable.


~ Discreet Ø50mm IR sensor available in chrome or tailor-made colors

~ Sensor detects a plurality of hand gestures; wave for full flush, hold hand in front of sensor for reduced (half) flush

~ LED flush indication

~ Post flush sensor delay allows the cistern to refill before another flush can be delivered

~ Control box is independently mounted onto a suitable flat surface

~ Mains or battery options available