The 3 – day trip from 24th~26th for all Rajeyn staff to Qiandao-Lake was successfully completed in the evening of 26th March 2023. As an intelligent sanitary wares manufacturer, Rajeyn produces sensors, sensor kitchen and basin faucets, automatic flush valves, touchfree soap dispensers, Handfree concealed cisterns etc. We Rajeyn company cares employee’s career development and also sparetime life. This trip enriched the employees’ spare time life, enhanced the communication and cooperation between different departments, and made the big family more harmonious, so as to better enhance the cohesion of the enterprise.

The whole trip lasted for 3 days, and the 105-member team was always surrounded by a harmonious and warm atmosphere. While enjoying the scenery of the lake and mountains, we exchanged ideas and enhanced feelings with each other. This trip left a deep impression on everyone.