Touchless motion sensor kitchen faucets are becoming more and more common in families. It usually looks similar to traditonal kitchen faucet. But there will be a sensor on the faucet body. One of the most popular type kitchen faucets is pull down kitchen faucet. With a pull down faucet head, it is easy to do the cleanings and usually it allows different water flow modes. The main advantage of using a touchless motion kitchen faucet is that it can minimize the chance of operating the faucet handle with dirty hands.

Here, we introduce one of Rajeyn touchless motion sensor kitchen faucets.

  1. Touch free control: wave before the sensor once, water flows; wave again, water stops. Max water flow time is 180s to avoid unnecessary water wasting.
  2. Functional pull-down sprayer to switch water flow mode. There is a button at the back of the sprayer head to switch water fall and and shower modes.
  3. Faucet handle for temperature adjustment. And it also controls the water supply. The handle should be turned on before using sensor functions.
  4. 360-degree rotatable faucet for easier cleaning.
  5. Drink water standard water channel. Water goes through hoses inside the faucet.
  6. Decorative plate optional. Both single-hole and 3-hole sinks are available.
  7. Manual operation mode to use as a traditional faucet. Just turn the knob on the control box to switch sensor mode and manual mode. The sensor will be disabled at manual mode. For more product details, just contact us any time. You can also contact at sales3@rajeyn,com, +86 17750312712