We all know that a touchfree faucet uses a sensor to detect when water is needed, and turns the water on and off automatically. Some may ask are touchless sensor faucets worth it? The answer is definitely YES. One the one hand, it’s very convenient and on the other hand, an automatic touchfree sensor faucet can save you money over time by reducing water usage since they have automatic faucet shut-off. Today we will have a detailed introduction for Rajeyn motion sensor kitchen faucet.

The faucet can rotate at 180 degree and it can radiate into all corners of the basin for perfect cleaning. Moreover, the faucet is for both hot and cold water. Users can adjust water temperature by the manual handle.

 There are two spray patterns, waterfall and rain-shower. The spray water hose accurately and flexibly returns to its original position, docking smoothly and securely.

You will notice that Rajeyn faucets have strong light resistance performance. The faucet work normally even installed on stainless steel basins. At the same time, the faucets will work normally if strong light illuminating to the sensor. On the other hand, the faucet sensor has good anti-electromagnetic interference performance. The faucet will work perfectly even if in strong electro-magnetic areas.

Users may concern about the lifespan for sensors and batteries. We are confidently to inform that the sensor will work at least 500,000 circles and the battery will last at least one year based on 3000 circles per month.