Motion kitchen faucets are becoming more and more popular since sensor faucets come to private house. Are you planning to catch the opportunity to develop motion kitchen faucet to your market? Here we take one of the sensor system as an example.

The sensor system is generally including two parts, IR sensor and control box.

The IR sensor will be fixed in the faucet body. There will need the faucet body producer to make a hole on the body for sensor. The sensor is to detect the presence of object in front of it. The quick respose, stability of the sensor range and anti-interferance performance are important features to a sensor.

The control box is connected to the IR sensor and placed under the basin. There are 2 key parts included in the box, solenoid valve and power supply. The solenoid valve is to receive the signal from IR sensor and react according to the signal. And the power supply usually means battery box and transformer.

Motion Function

The sensor function for kitchen faucet is normally motion sensor. Motion sensor means when water is turned on hands can leave the sensor range and water will keep running which is different from the sensor function for basin faucet will often see in public bathroom. It also has a protection program which is to stop the water flow when water flows continuously for 180s to avoid wasting.

Inlet & Outlet

There are normally two types available. G1/2” thread and push-in connector. G1/2” is regular size for most countries and push-in connector is requires hoses with push-in connector too. It is an optional part.

A standby knob

When you look into the box, you will find a rotatable knob easily. It is to change sensor mode and manual mode. How does it work? As we know, there is a solenoid valve in the control box. The valve will control the water on and off. We can take it as sensor mode. When we want to switch to manual mode, water doesn’t go through solenoid valve. Water comes into the box and go out of the box to the faucet directly. So the water flow is controlled by handle only. It is manual mode. It is very useful when it is needed to replace batteries while there aren’t backups available.

Battery supply

There is a battery box integrated. It is with click design, easy to replace batteries. It need only 2 AAA alkaline batteries. The life span is about 1-1.5 years at 100 times on and of per day. There is also a option to connect it to AC power supply. When both battery and AC power available, the system will choose AC power, if AC power is cut, it switch to batteries automatically.


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