There are a few round urinal sensors in Rajeyn. One of these is small size round shape and made of brass. Usually this sensor is used for urinals together with ceramic bowls. Below are the general functions.

*Automatic flushing: pre-flush 2 seconds and after flush 6 seconds. After-flush timing adjustable by remote controller. Adjustable range 3-24 seconds. Remote controller need to be purchased separately.

*Low power reminding: When the battery is low, the indicator light flashes for 10 seconds to remind you of replacing with new batteries. The flush valve will not flush.

*Anti-reverse wire connection: The sensor will not be heat or damaged if the power supply wire positive and negative terminals are reversely connected. The sensor will work normally if wires are correctly connected.

*Power protection: When the battery or mains power suddenly cut off, the sensor will automatically turn off the solenoid valve within 20 seconds.

What are the features for this urinal sensor?

*It is suitable for the separate design of sensor plate and water flush nozzle. The sensor plate is designed according to the ceramic opening size.

*Sensor plate is made of copper.

*Product includes: sensor plate + solenoid valve (with water sealing rubber) + water inlet hose + power supply

How about the parameters?

Items Parameters
The max Voltage 8V
Working Voltage DC6V/AC220V(50~60Hz)
Static Current ≤25uA
Working Current ≥300mA
Battery Life Span ≥2 Years
Sensor Distance 65CM±10%
Working Life ≥250,000 circles
Working Pressure 0.05~0.6MPa
Inlet/Outlet Size G1/2