Nowadays there are many choices for kitchen faucets, one of one becoming more and more popular is touchless faucets also known as automatic faucets. They are gaining in popularity for the home kitchen.

Let’s imagine you are doing kitchen work. Your hands have touched many food or getting wet and you need water now. But do you really want to use your hands to turn on the water with the kitchen handle? This is where the automatic faucet or touchless faucet can help.


How Does A Touchless Faucet Work?

Touchless faucets use sensors, you can also take it as a detector. You will usually find the sensor at the front or side of the faucet body. Some faucets hide the sensor at the spout.

When the infrared light reflects from hands back into the detector, the water will turn on; and, when the hands leave the detection zone, the water will turn off.

These sensors need power supply to work, either a direct electrical AC power connection or batteries. Some models allows both ac and battery supply. When AC power is available, it will be using AC power and when it is power off, it will switch to battery power.

You might also worry that if the power goes out and it’s time to change the battery, but you don’t have a replacement, you will wonder that whether it is possible to switch to manual before getting batteries replaced. Rajeyn touchless kitchen faucets have a knob on the control box. You can switch your faucet to manual mode easily.

The Pros Of Touchless Faucets

● Health. No need to touch the faucet so no bacteria get spread from the faucet because it’s not touched.

● Conservation. The water will only run for a limited period of time and then they will turn off automatically to avoid water wasting. It protects you from a child who might forget to turn it off with water flow when leaving.

● Ease of Use. This is pretty easy to use and your will get used to it when you start using it.

The Cons Of Touchless Faucets

● Cost. Touchless faucets do cost more than manual faucets. It is true they will save money over time, but they will cost more to purchase. It is like a investment.

● Power. They need electricity to run, and sometimes the power goes out. So it is recommended to have batteries backup when you decide to have a touchless faucet at home. But as a backup, you can also switch to manual mode before you get the batteries replaced.

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